An Irish Blessing, Trad. aus Irland

A little big wonder, Text/Musik: Micha Keding<

All the time, Text/Musik: Joakim Arenius

Amen, Trad.

Amazing Grace, Trad. aus Amerika

Awesome  God, Text/Musik: Rich Mullins

Bless the LordMatt Redmann

Come into his presence, Text/Musik: Ruthild Wilson

Going up yonder, Text/Musik: Walter Hawkins

Give Thanks

Heavenly Peace, Text/Musik:  Hans Christian Jochimsen 

Higher and higher, C. Smith, G. Jackson R. Miker

Holy, Text/Musik: Tore W.-Aas

I believe, Micha Keding

I got joy, Danny Plett/ Armin Müller-Arno

I heard the voice, Edwin Hawkins Singers

In your arms, Text: Calvin Bridges, Musik: Tore W. Aas

In this house, Text/Musik: Richard Smallwood

I will  extol, Text/Musik: Hanjo Gaebler

I  will  follow  him, Text: Franck Pourcel&Paul Mauriat

Jesus is alive, Text/Musik Ron Kenoly


Joy to my soul, Text/Musik: Tore W.-Aas

Lay your burdens down, Text/Musik: Danny Plett

Lord forgive us, Text/Musik: Tom D. Blakely

Lord hold me, Text/Musik: H.C. Jochimsen

May the Lord send angels, Text: Ruthild Wilson, Musik: Hein Helmut Jost-Naujoks

My Desire, Kirk Franklin

My God, Text/Musik: Hanjo Gaebler

Nada te turbe, Theresa von Avila

Never let me go, Text/Musik: Tore W.-Aas

Nobody like Jesus, Text: Ruthild Wilson, Musik: Heinz-Helmut Jost-Naujoks

Oh happy day, Edwin Hawkins Singer

On the cross of calvary, Text/Musik: Tore W.-Aas

One of us, Text/Musik: Eric Bazillian

Please Lord take time, Text/Musik: Hanjo Gaebler

Praise his holy name, Text/Musik: Keith Hampton

Rain down, Text/Musik: Martin Smith& Stuart Garrard

Ride the chariot

Seasons of Love, Text/Musik: Jonathan Larson

Shine your light, Text: Jan Groth/Tore W. Aas Musik: Tore W. Aas

Smile, Kirk Franklin

Soon and very soon, Trad.

Sing a new song, Text/Musik: Udo&Silke Zimmermann

The Lord never fails, Text/Musik: Hanjo Gaebler

The Privilege, Text/Musik: Hanjo Gaebler

The Road, Text/Musik: Danny Plett

This is the Lords doing, Text/Musik: Tore W.-Aas

This little light, Text/Musik: Harry Loes

Thy will be done, Text/Musik: Joakim Arenius

Ubi caretas

Viva la Vida

Who  is like the Lord, Text/Musik: Hanjo Gaebler

Well, Fm gonna sing, Text/Musik: Lorenz Maierhofer

We are the world

We are changing the world, Text/Musik: Hans Christian Jochimsen 

We pray, Text/Musik: Joakim Arenius

We will stay, H.C. Jochimsen

Will  the  circle be unbroken, Text: Ada R. Habershon, Musik: Chas. H. Gabriel

You’re not alone, H.C. Jochimsen